Track a Mobile phone

Track a Mobile phone

You’ll remember my last piece, ‘You can do What? Track a Mobile Phone?’  all about my quest for a new cell phone being derailed by my stumbling across mobile phone tracking ‘apps’ followed by my setting off to discover this new technological world?

 Having spent more time than I had intended browsing the world of ‘smart’ phones and the software programmes that run on them known as ‘apps’ I decided that I know enough to make a decision about replacing my mobile phone and ought to at least get this job out of the way before I continue on the ‘app trail’.

So – ‘smart phones’ then. As far as I can tell the key difference between a ‘smart’ and a ‘feature’ phone is that the former can run software programmes ‘in the background’.

In everyday language this means that you can make a phone call, or send a text or email at the same time as doing ‘something’ that you can’t see – like the apps that track the phone that originally piqued my interest being able to record mobile locations whilst you talk, text or email.

In the world of computers (and the females of our species) I believe this is known as ‘multi-tasking’ or doing two things at once.

First question then – do I have a need for a mobile phone that can multi-task? In answering my own question I have to ignore the literal meaning of ‘need’ and replace it with – ‘would it be useful to have’….and the answer is ‘yes’. Smartphone it is then. (Boys will be boys)

So not having gone any further with my perusing of the wonderful world of mobile phone applications I need to make sure that my list of ‘requirements’ can be filled by my choice of smartphone!

Voice (obviously)

Text (standard)


Family mobile tracking (track my teens location)

To Do List

News App


I also want to get tracker phones working within my business but understand that most of this kind of software is run on a PC – so the tracked mobiles are viewed on a PC. As I don’t actually want to track my own mobile have not included this in my list – I’ll deal with this at some stage later.


From my fairly short ‘beginners’ list of wants a good app for tracking my daughter’s phone looks to be the toughest one to achieve as the others all seem pretty standard on all smartphone platforms.


Most of the good phone tracking apps see to have versions to suit the IPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphone models. The first one that came up when I Googled ‘family mobile tracking’ was something called ‘Kno-Where’ which is one of those that runs on different platforms and has good reviews etc. but there were many others that did the same so my choice really is down to the device itself.


Easy I thought. That is until I started to look into the whole smartphone thing. Even looking at it from a newbie’s comparatively simple perspective there’s a lot to consider apparently when you want to do anything more than make calls with your mobile.


I shall gather my findings together and try to describe the choices as simply as possible in my next in what appears to be developing into a ‘confessions of a smartphone virgin……





Gadgets – don’t we just love them? In a very short time I learned some basics about the wonderful world of smartphones:


Smartphone use ‘operating systems’ a bit like Microsofts ‘windows’ to make them work.


Mobile phone manufacturers build the operating system into their phones and it is a mixture of the device model and capabilities, quality and the operating system it uses that tends to determine ultimate phone model selection.


Google owns the ‘Android’ operating system that lots of manufacturers favour and is apparently the most popular operating system (O/S) – it has the widest range for phones that use it.


IOS is the ‘O/S’ used by Apple’s IPhone and IPad exclusively. Apparently Apple has the most ‘apps’ in its ‘app store’ (I feel like I’m writing in a foreign language) and apparently the devices themselves are really nice quality but also really expensive. Figures I guess?


Blackberry (which I had heard of through business as some of my guys have then) were apparently the first and best for emails and many businesses use them but are struggling with their popularity recently.


Nokia – my old phone was a Nokia and I loved it. Again apparently they are struggling and have two types of smartphone ‘O/S’. One is called Symbian and is being phased out so not of interest and the other uses Microsoft’s Windows Phone O/S but is quite new and can’t run anything in the background like the tracking apps. Looks like Nokia is out then.


My choice I think is between an Android (Google), Apples IPhone and a Blackberry. (Definitely seems like a foreign language…)


Having been into a few retailers and looked online it appears to me that

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