The new universe of mobile tracking.

The new universe of mobile tracking.

You can do what?


Track a mobile phone?


That’s right – I’ve been looking for a new mobile phone online recently – my current phone being at the end of its useful life (aka ‘broken’!) and I stumbled across some interesting phone tracking ‘apps’.

Now you must understand that never having owned a mobile phone that could do more than actually make a phone call before whilst I’ve heard of ‘apps’ and ‘app stores’ I’ve not really paid them much attention. Until now.


Having been quickly diverted from my original task of acquiring a working cell phone I decided to investigate these ‘apps’ just in case there’s something in them that might just sway my ultimate purchase phone choice.


With so much fuss being made about ‘apps’ (is that even a word?) I figured no smoke without fire and entered the world of the app via something called Google Play .


After my initial ‘kid in a sweet shop’ reaction to the pages of brightly coloured app images and descriptions  I soon tired of row upon row of what I can only describe as ‘completely pointless’ offerings.

In my mind an ‘app’ (other than actual games) would have to be useful – it has to ‘do’ something – making your mobile look like it has a cracked screen doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid.


I finally came across the phone tracking apps. First reaction was why would anyone want to track a mobile phone? After only a few seconds of ‘furrowed brow’ time - which is good for me- I got it (plus I read the mobile tracking app description which helped).


Initially I was sceptical as to how accurate the location of the mobile phone could be using these tiny pieces of software. However my concerns were quickly dispelled – apparently ‘very’ would be a good term to use – down to a few meters in fact.


Apparently the better apps (and as with all things in this world there appeared to be the good, the bad and the most decidedly ugly offerings available) use GPS tracking as per the ‘Sat Nav’ we all use in our car. Duly impressed I forged ahead with my new found discovery.


It would appear that phone tracking is particularly popular with parents of teenagers and businesses- and being both a parent and business owner I can now see why.


If I could see my daughters phone location when she’s out and about – especially at night, I would get cool points for not texting her to see where she was etc. and I get peace of mind into the bargain. Nice.


Equally at work by giving the guys in the field tracker phones (this is ‘industry speak’ for mobiles that have tracking apps running apparently) I get a view of my business that I’ve never had before – a ‘real’ one.

I still haven’t selected a phone for myself as I’m still ploughing through the various app categories to see if there’s anything else that could be as useful as the mobile tracking apps.

I’ll keep you posted!



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