My New Mobile – Which Android Smartphone?

My New Mobile – Which Android Smartphone?

Android it is then.

This is the instalment of my quest to replace my old dead mobile phone. My name is Tom and if you haven’t read the previous instalments I have learned a little about apps and a little about mobile ‘operating systems’. After some online research and some discussions with knowledgeable ‘mobile types’ I have identified that I ‘need’ a smartphone and that the ‘Android’ operating system will best suit my current needs. So here I am then – at the stage where I need to identify a suitable Android smartphone that will not require a small mortgage or a degree in astro-physics to operate but will allow me join the smartphone revolution.

One stipulation I have is that I want to be able to track a phone with my own mobile gps tracking phone – that may sound odd but I have discovered that within the wonderful world of apps that I can, as a parent track a phone belonging to my daughter and, as an employer also track phones that my employees use at work. Using price as my kind of litmus paper to how sophisticated a phone is I’ll start off by discarding the highest and lowest price models and take a look at the middle ground. Even though I’m not a phone buff I recognise the big brands such as Samsung, Sony and LG (mainly from TV’s etc. but never mind) and thing I will stick with something I know initially.

I have been told that there are some very up and coming Chinese manufactures that offer great value but I don’t consider myself an ‘early adopter’ here – in fact probably the opposite based on my late entry into the smartphone arena! One thing I have found really useful online are product reviews and I can tell you that with something as popular and fast moving as smartphones there are no end of reviews available for any mobile you’d care to mention.

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