Best 10 apps in android world

Best 10 apps in android world

There are ton of apps in the android world.  But, handful of them is worth mentioning. I have selected top 10 android apps. These are just my personal favorites and I love to use them daily. So, without wasting any time, let’s check them out.


1)      Thinking space – Every human being is constantly bombarded by ideas and strategies. This mind map tool helps in connecting these ideas together. You can just dump your ideas using this app. The basic version is free and it’s more than enough for most of the think tanks out there.


2)       Androzip file manager - This utility is great to work with all the famous archives. It works with ZIP, RAR, TAR and 7ZIP. Very powerful app for those who use these type of archives on the go.


3)      Gtasks – This is a task manager by google and It gel very well with desktop version of gtask. Virtually, its “task manager “using the latest cloud technology.  You can create your own to do list and manage them very well.


4)      Toddler Lock – If you got a toddler in your home, this is a great app. It simply locks the phone and turns it into a toy. Whenever a child touches the screen, the phone emits colorful shapes and sounds. Its favorite pastime of lot of toddlers and parents can have a bit of time for themselves.


5)      Gesture Search – You can use gestures to find any type of file.  You only need to draw a particular number, letter on the screen and phone will start searching specific types of file.


6)      AntidroidTheft – If you lose your phone for any reason, this app can help you locate it. This got inbuilt GPS tracking and you can even trigger camera from remote. The app will take a pic and send it to you. It’s totally free and a must have app.


7)      Missed call - This helps in customizing your alerts. You can customize any type of alerts using ringtones, vibrations etc.


8)      Skyfire browser – This is the only browser which let you play flash files on your mobile. This is a must have browser to have on your mobile. It runs smoothly, page renders at lightning speed and overall, pretty easy to work with.


9)      Smartmeasure – This is a pretty cool app and it measures the distance between camera and object. It can also measure height of an object. You don’t need a ruler to do that, now.

10) Picassa Tool pro – This app is from google and the best part about this app is its ease of use. It’s very easy to use and it lets you upload hundreds of pics in one go. 

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